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Win 1 Year’s Free Tutoring for Students in grades 1 to 12

      One Winner drawn each month, enter now to be part of the draw for the entire year!

(Free Tutoring Worth = $3000)

Every month of 2021, one lucky student in Grade 1-12 will win a full school year of expert online tutoring in Mathematics, English or Science (based on your choice for the draw below) from our expert tutors hand selected from Canada’s top universities.

As Canada’s leading personalized tutoring service trusted by parents in every province, we focus on our confidence building and academic excellence driven approach to tutoring developed with the support of top professors and teachers in Canada. Our tutoring approach focuses on academic excellence and building self-confidence to ensure that students can succeed in school and beyond in life as future leaders.

The winners will be able to choose either our Private 1-to-1 tutoring program with more attention or Small Group tutoring sessions where they can learn with others.

Enter now to be in every draw until the end of the year!



The free tutoring prize for the whole year worth $3000 will include:

  •  Weekly personalized 60 min tutoring classes led by an expert tutor 
  • Hand selected tutor matched to your child for your subject choice in (Mathematics or English or Science) 
  • World Class Learning materials from the Canadian syllabus blended to your child’s progress in every session
  • Full Access to our communications and video platform for tutoring for your child at home
  • Recordings of each session and a Data powered Report on your child’s progress & goals