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My son and I love HRA and their approach. They provide great quality tutoring, customer service, and they teach with the goal of sustaining long-term benefits. In HRA, my son was paired up with head tutor William. William has been a great blend of patience and knowledge. In classes, he displays a gentle manner that makes my son and the rest of the class feel comfortable and at ease to ask questions. He also encourages communication with other classmates, and he leverages them in group activities to build upon communication skills and confidence. He also takes the necessary time to go back and reteach or review fundamental skills or concepts that are missing before moving on so that the learning makes more sense. William has done a thorough job so far teaching the current curriculum in a manner that is helping to solidify what is happening in the classroom, and if time permits, he will pre-teach upcoming concepts. My son loves the engagement section of HRA, especially, the part of playing math games with the other students. It keeps my son engaged, as it is fun, and it helps him to solidify the concepts. We like how William adapts each lesson and the tutoring to reflect what specific skills and learning my son, and the class needs to focus on. My son is now having great success with math, and we couldn't be happier to see his confidence grow too! Good job HRA!
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Toronto District Elementary School Teacher
In HRA, I found the tutor who my son was with very passionate and keen to deliver his best. He connects with his students very well and tries to assess their strengths and weaknesses, and incorporates the most appropriate strategy to effectively benefit them in the least possible time. He provides the students regular support and encourages them to do their best. I'll highly recommend HRA to anyone looking for help in math.
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